mdgroup launch specialist clinical trial translation service

We are delighted to bring you news of the launch of mdtranslate – a new specialist translation service tailored to the needs of the clinical trial and Life Sciences sectors.

Tailored translations for clinical trials

mdtranslate’s tailored translation service offers industry-leading translations in over 100 languages, delivered with the outstanding service and expertise our customers and their patients have come to expect from mdgroup.

The launch of a specialist translation agency providing clinical trial translations makes perfect sense offered alongside mdgroup’s dedicated patient support service - patientprimary.

Dedication to supporting patients taking part in clinical trials and improving the experience for them underpins the services that mdgroup offers. The extension of these services to include expert translation enables our customers to reach out to patients across the world in their own languages, improving patient recruitment and retention levels and optimising the patient experience.

Case studies

During a recent study for celiac disease, patientprimary assisted with very specific services for patients travelling from eight countries to take part in a clinical trial. These included the provision of specialist dietary and travel arrangements, and communication and technology support for patients. The study was concluded successful with a 0% drop-out rate.

A different 3-year study, currently taking place in 13 countries, requires the translation of patient-facing materials into 9 languages in order to facilitate patient documentation such as expenses reimbursement. Enabling patients to follow advice and instructions in their own language in this way can make a real difference to their personal clinical trial experience.

Patient communication

Providing doctors and patients with the language and materials they need to communicate accurately and efficiently with each other during a clinical trial is essential.

Throughout the patient recruitment and clinical trial process, it may be necessary to adjust and adapt register and vocabulary terms for different audiences who are accessing the same material; medically trained staff and their patients, for example. In these instances, only project managers and translators with an in depth knowledge of the sector have the experience and expertise necessary to understand and implement changes, processes and reviews as required.


With our focus on the patient journey, and our established position as a partner to the Life Sciences sector, mdtranslate within mdgroup is excellently placed to understand the specific requirements associated with translation for clinical trials. Our direct links with experienced linguists and our dedicated project managers’ in depth understanding of clinical trial processes set mdtranslate apart from other translation agencies. Our unique position within the Life Sciences sector enables us to provide specialist translation alongside our complete patient support service offering with patientprimary.

For more information visit the mdtranslate website or get in touch via email with any questions about the translation process.