How to Engage Attendees in the Run Up to an Event

Engaging attendees throughout an event is vital, that goes without saying. But what about the rest of the event life cycle?

Actively interacting with an audience prior to an event can kick-start networking, build relationships, spread brand-awareness and influence event content. 

Read on to discover top tips on how to engage attendees before an event.

Be Social

Social media is a fast and effective way of not only finding but also reaching out to your audience.

Operating a branded social media campaign will help to engage your audience whilst spreading awareness of the company. Create a branded hashtag on Twitter and encourage your followers to use it - this tool will build momentum while helping attendees identify and begin networking with one another.

 Another effective twitter technique is running a live Q&A. Invite a guest speaker, or someone else related to the event of interest, and motivate your followers to send in questions. This will attract followers to your page, expand attendees’ knowledge of the event’s content and boost excitement. 

Effective pre-event content includes competitions, branded campaigns, polls and exclusive sneak peaks. Being conscious of your audience and using social media to discover more about their interests can you to help tailor posts, as well as later using this information to mould the event to suit your attendees even more.

It’s worth noting that how you use these platforms can define the way your brand is perceived, so use with caution.


Don’t just broadcast. Great customer service has always been about listening, so don’t dominate with one way conversation. This can be achieved through social media, email, telephone, or face-to-face.  

In the run up to an event, attendees may ask questions or tell you their opinions. By reading (or listening), digesting and responding accordingly, the customer will feel more appreciated, more excited for the event and brand value will increase.


Create a blog that may attract new audiences as well as provide reading to excite your existing audience.

These posts should then be published on your website, as well as platforms that inspire engagement and reach a larger audience e.g. Linkedin and Facebook. These posts can be relevant to your event as well as providing insight on topical stories.

Stay On Top of New Technology

The world of tech is forever evolving, so it’s important to not get left behind. What’s relevant now may not be tomorrow. Websites like Wired, Tech Radar and Event Industry News are great places to look for the latest tech trends.

An app currently making the world of pre event networking a much easier task is Bizzabo. The programme allows you to connect with fellow attendees, speakers, sponsors and exhibitors throughout every part of an event. Bizzabo is already used by more than 5,000 conferences worldwide.

Looking into and capitalising on these technologies will allow attendees to become connected with an event more easily and will also add credibility to your brand through displaying your ingenuity and leadership.

Be Different

What makes your event and brand different from the rest? Identifying your company and/or event’s Unique Selling Point (USP) should be one of the first steps in the planning process. Once this has been discovered it can be used to influence what you do to stand out from the crowd.

The best way to entice attendees is through showing them what they haven’t seen before. This principle can be applied to any of the pre-event engagement techniques listed above.

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